I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel the world while working professionally.


These opportunities awoke in me a love of travel that I never knew I had. Seeing the world has made me more grateful for what I have and has given me a stronger connection to humanity.

I've experienced other cultures and met people of different religions.  I've gotten to know and learned to communicate with others who speak different languages than I speak. I have seen people from all of the world come together to enjoy a night of theater. I believe theater, a night of laughter or sadness, musical or drama, can bring people, from any walks of life, together in peace. These experiences coupled with the good fortune of pursuing my passion for performing, make this journey I am on so fulfilling and worth the commitment  I bring to every contract. 


Here are some photos of where I have been. I am excited to add to this in the future. I hope you enjoy scrolling through!

New Zealand


Holland America Line: Caribbean & Alaska

Trip to Europe!

South Carolina

Disney Cruise Line

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